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Be Equipped and Ready for an Emergency in an Instant!

Rescue Bands were initially launched as bracelets, more commonly referred to as “survival bracelets” or “550 para cord bracelets.” Constructed with 550 parachute cord (“Para cord”), a typical men’s bracelet when unraveled can reach a length of up to 20 feet and can support 550 lbs. It’s true! Unraveling the bracelet is simple and 550 paracord bracelet instructions are certainly not needed! By simply unraveling the parachute rope bracelet, you can hold up to 550 lbs “as is”. You can also seperate the 7 inner strands of cord from the sheath, each of which can support up to 50 lbs. The internal strands of cord  from the 10 foot para cord sheath can now be tied together to create up to 70 feet of cord that will support 50 lbs. Originally used by the military, 550 cord bracelets have countless uses ranging from an emergency tow tope to tourniquet.
Unravel your bracelet and be ready for any emergency.               You never know when you may need it !